Podcast Ep. 6: 100 Day Project

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In this podcast we discuss the 100 day project that we all attempted and but only some completed! We discuss what we like about the project, what the challenges were, and how we might use it to further our other creative pursuits. We also hear a bit about Erin’s world travels and how she incorporated the 100 day project into her trip. We had some technical difficulties towards the end, so our quiz was not recorded 🙁 However, you can see what quiz we took and our results below in the show notes. We’re still learning!

What We’re Into:

Carly: Ben Rector album “Magic” & “The Bible Binge” podcast

Erin: Her new car

Amy: “Anne With an E” on Netflix

100 Day Challenge:


Amy’s hashtag: #100littlebotanicals

Aquash Watercolor Brushes

Erin’s hashtag: #100lilpoems

Erin’s poems we mentioned:

Poem 10/100

“La Catastrophe”

Bonjour Pierre. Ça va? Moi? Je suis désolé! So so désolé. How do I say…? Before the fall I thought “What a lovely bowl!” Avec une fleur de couleur pêche And the question “Where does it come from?” barely skimmed my consciousness. But then le bol slipped from the shelf Dans la cuisine. C’est mort! The bowl is dead, At my hand. So I beg you, s’il vous plaît, tell me it was purchased In everyone’s favorite French store Targét Pour douze euros. And that it was not a prized possession of Votre grande-mère.

Poem 44/100

“Yesterday’s conversations”

“Three minutes past” magic words, spoken to the wind A man appears across the tracks From around the bend “Madame?” He says something about a train. “Oui, I wait for the train…” He gestures NO, with head and hands “No train today?” He replies with words I don’t understand “Pardon, Je ne comprends pas” again he takes great pains To gesture NO “No trains?” “No trains.” We both wait to see if more information Will be sought or given He turns to leave Followed by my weak “merci” And so, I search “Hotels near me” And prices are good This far from the sea With bags on back and in tow I roll down the same road I left behind an hour ago

The woman is unprepared for me At this hour Resting between petit dejeuner And the first check-ins of the day “Bonjour, Do you have any vacancy?” I smile at her enthusiastic “Oui!” “Do you know, why there are no trains?” “Oh, is it the strike?” “I don’t know.” “How many nights would you like?” “I don’t know. Will they strike tomorrow?” “I don’t know. But I will check for you.” “Merci, Merci beaucoup!” “No problem.” And a pause “no trains.” “Tomorrow?” “Tomorrow, no trains. Maybe a bus!” “Is there a bus station?” “They leave from the train station. Sometimes.” “Sometimes?” “Sometimes.” Her grimace is kind “I’ll stay two nights.”

Show Quiz:

Amy- United Kingdom
Carly – United Kingdom
Erin- France

Podcast Ep. 5: Different Internets

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On this episode we discuss the idea of different internets. Do we see the same things online? Do we get the same news? Are we all just living in our own internet bubbles? Join us as we explore this topic and challenge ourselves to find a way to unplug.

What We’re Into

Carly: Victoria – PBS Masterpiece

Erin: Judge John Hodgman Podcast

Amy: A Color Story App

Different Internets


Chock Full O’Nuts Coffee

The Rich See a Different Internet Than the Poor

Show Quiz

Everyone Has Two Defining Personality Traits — Build A Salad To Find Out Yours




Podcast Ep. 4: 2017 Recap

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This is our first and last podcast of 2017. We’ll catch you up on what’s changed in our lives and what we’ve been into during 2017. Also, we’ll share our quiz results for what our resolutions should be for 2018.

What We’re Into

Carly: Apple Music, Library ebooks (Kindle app), The Daily podcast, knitting squares

Amy: Family favorite meals/Kroger click list, library in a box, Agendio planners, cushy socks

Erin: Airbnb, Kylemore Abbey soap (Ylang Ylang & Lavandin), Bai drinks, photography

Show Quiz

What Should Your New Year’s Resolution Be?

Podcast Ep. 3: Making and Breaking Habits

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In this episode we discuss our habits, good and bad. Also, we explore how to instill new habits into our lives. Take a listen and maybe even notes, as we delve into how personality affects habit making and what habits legendary creatives, such as Maya Angelou, had in their everyday lives.

Show Notes:

What We’re Into

Carly: Oil Cleansing Method

Erin: Open House Chicago

Amy: The Daily Prayer App


Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Creative Routines Infographic

Show Quiz

The quiz we took mysteriously disappeared, but here’s an equally festive one:

Here’s What Your Last-Minute Halloween Costume Should Be Based On What You Already Have

Podcast Ep. 2: We Take Personality Tests

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If you felt like you didn’t get to know enough about us in our first episode, then take the deep dive into our personalities. Find out how we’re different, how we’re similar and how feel about all of that. Also, we get sorted into our Hogwarts houses! This is a long one, so strap in. We do get more tired and less coherent as the show goes on, so bear with us. All the tests we took are linked below in our show notes.

Show Notes

What We’re Into:

Carly: The Popcast

Erin: Overnight oats – Find some recipes on Pinterest

Amy: Wholly Guacamole

Personality Tests:

Myers Briggs

16 Personalities

Human Metrics

Strengths Finder

Get sorted into your Hogwarts House

Show Quiz:

We Know Who You Are in Your Friend Group Based on Your Dessert Choices


Podcast Ep. 1: Get to Know Us

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We have decided to create a My Sister Says Podcast! This is episode 1 and the topic is ourselves. This episode was recorded over a year ago, so we apologize for the outdated-ness. But, this will give you an idea of who we are, what we like, and what we sound like! Look for two more outdated episodes and then (fingers crossed) brand new, current episodes!


What We’re Into:

Erin: Bachelor in Paradise – Watch on ABC or Hulu

Carly: Stranger Things – Netflix original show

Amy: Embroidery

Stephanie Lapre

Sarah Benning

Happy Cactus Designs

Sick Beets Stitch (Erin’s friend Robyn)

Show Quiz

 Which “Full House” Sister are You?