Ask the Sisters: Dream Work Space

by Amy, Erin, & Carly on August 12, 2013, 2 comments

Since there are three of us and four weeks in a month, we have decided to use the fourth week to collaborate on a post. This week we are answering a reader question: “How would you describe your dream work space?”

Amy Says:

I’ve been dreaming of my future home since I was a little girl. Now that I’m an adult and actually have some control over the home I’m in, I’ve discovered that my dreams are generally ridiculously expensive. But it’s still fun to dream. When it comes to my dream workspace, here’s what it would include.

  1. First of all, it will be called my studio, not office. A studio sounds like a lot of creative work is going on in there, and I’m assuming I’m doing my dream work in my dream workspace.

  2. Lots of windows. The amount of sunlight in my environment is often directly related to my mood. I’m thinking at least one wall of floor to ceiling windows, with maybe a skylight.

  3. A big table. When I really get into a project I find I use a lot of surface area. So I want a great big table, probably something rustic and farmhouse-y. I want to feel like I can make a mess on it without worrying about ruining it. Counter height would be nice so I can stand or sit in a stylish stool.

  4. A comfy armchair, with ottoman and blanket. I’ve learned that I’m not really a desk person. I keep trying to have a productive desk area to work at like a real grown up, but I always find myself gravitating back toward the couch. So my dream space will have a good chair for sitting in to do anything involving a book/laptop/iPad/notebook.

  5. Space for Inspiration. I’m picuturing a good sized portion of a wall that is taken up with a bulletin board and chalkboard. Right now I file pretty things away and sketch on index cards, but I’d love to have a place to keep all of those things in view without having to feel organized about it.

  6. Cubbies! I can be a pack rat, especially when it come to pretty crafty things. Lots of cubbies could bring a little order to the madness. Maybe.

Here’s my pinterest board of spaces that I could see myself working in. 

Erin Says:

I love being surrounded by natural things most of the time, but for some reason I imagine my dream workspace being located in a city.  Maybe I find cities to be more creatively stimulating, or maybe I’m just imagining how peaceful and orderly my space would feel in contrast to that sort of hectic fast-paced lifestyle.  Either way, that is where my brain has placed this space.  Instead of linking Pinterest inspirations, I decided to draw a rough sketch of the layout of my dream workspace and give a quick description of what I would put in each separate area:

(The black rectangles are various forms of seating)

(The black rectangles are various forms of seating)

1) The Art Studio
 This would be a big white room- totally empty, with skylights for natural lighting but no side windows because I get easily distracted.  There would also be a nice stereo system with surround sound speakers for whatever music I feel like playing.  I want this space to be like a blank canvas.  I don’t want anything to be occupying the room except the project I have chosen to work on at that time.
2) The Art Supply Closet
 I would store all of my art supplies in a large closet so that I could keep the studio free of everything except the project that I’m working on.  Nothing fancy, just a long room with lots of shelves.
3) Hallway
It’s a hallway to connect the two main rooms, duh.
4) The Writing Room
This room would be small, cozy, and decorated in rich, inviting colors.  In it I would keep a writing desk and chair with a laptop computer that only has a word processor- no internet access (again, to eliminate distraction).  Other seating provided would be a lounge chair with an ottoman and an area rug for the times when I feel like stretching out.  I would also have a white noise machine to keep background noise from ruining my concentration.  And finally I would have an area for snacks and coffee to keep my energy up.
5) The Research Room
This is essentially a library.  I would keep a variety of books to come up with ideas and inspirations for my art and writing projects. I’d also have a computer with Internet access and a printer.  Any notes or essential pages would be sorted and organized on my sorting table.  The library would also have several options for seating and large windows I could look out of to observe the world outside and use it as inspiration for projects.
6) The Rooftop
I would like a nice spacious outdoor space as my break area.  I think a rooftop retreat would be best.  I’d just keep a chair for lounging and a table and chairs for having short visits with friends during my breaks.


Carly Says:

Let me give you a tour of my dream workspace. First, you need to knock on the double wooden doors that are big enough to allow a baby elephant through comfortably. I’ll open one of the doors for you, because you’re hopefully not the size of a baby elephant, and let you inside. You step into the spacious room with the feeling of not having left the outdoors. This is because the wall to your right is made up entirely of windows. Nothing hinders your view of the forest, nor the sunlight’s path into the room.

You continue into the room, hearing the sound of your steps against the wooden floors and notice the wall directly opposite to you is full of books. It stretches from the ceiling to the floor and from one wall to the other. As you get closer you notice the books are interspersed with sculptures and nick nacks. Beside you, facing the windows is a small, plush couch. It’s the perfect size for one person and looks as if it could be moved around to accommodate the sitter’s viewing preference.

You turn back to the bookshelves and examine some of the titles, until I ask whether you would like something to drink. You turn around and see that I’m standing by a long counter against the opposite wall of the windows. A hefty, wooden table is obstructing your view of me as I look into the small refrigerator under the counter. I realize I have nothing but water, but you accept. As you walk over to get it, you notice the table has remnants of paint and clay on it. It is then that you see several paint brushes on the counter, next to a sink the size of a small tub. You ask if I’ve been working on something lately. I say yes and lead you to the wall with the door.

The wall is covered with drawings and notes. There is a roomy desk in the corner with numerous drawers and a comfy looking rolling chair. I show you what I’m working on and then ask if you would like to go out onto the deck. You’re surprised when you see the glass doors that lead outside. They blend into the windows and deck is a step down from the level of the building, so you don’t see it from the back of the room. As we step out, you notice that we stand at the height of the tops of the trees. It gives you the feeling of floating.

To help you visualize.

2 thoughts on “Ask the Sisters: Dream Work Space

  1. Man oh man, I want to come visit all of your spaces when you get them! But only when you’re not deep into working on some great projects. Don’t want to interrupt or distract you from your creativity!

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