Working Hard…Is it Hardly Working?

by Carly on October 9, 2013, no comments

Sometimes I just want to get away. Away from the noisy, hustle-bustle of the world. Away from the belief that the busier you are, the more fulfilled your life will be. As if packing your life with activities, projects, jobs, and teams is going to be a life not wasted. I want to get away from the constant striving towards that indefinite something and the mindset that if you can just do something then you will be happy. As if happiness is something to be achieved or earned.

When did our society decide that everything has to be worked for?  Is that the American dream mindset? That you can be, do, gain, anything as long as you pull yourself up from your own bootstraps. That’s a rather self-involved idea. Why can’t someone else come along and help you pull up that bootstrap of yours. Why are we not focused more on giving someone one of our multiple bootstraps, when they have none? Is it really more important to achieve something independently, to rise to greatness, than to sacrifice your own pride to help someone else live a better life?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe working hard is admirable. Working hard is necessary for a healthy life. Hard work can and does bring fulfillment. However, hard work for hard work’s sake is pointless. Having a busy life for the appearance and approval of others brings nothing but weariness. But, having a purpose and meaning outside of your own self interest is worth it. Working for something meaningful brings a certain kind of peace.

However, even working with purpose cannot be constant. Finding a way to block out the noise and pause all the urgency of the world is essential to discovering what is important. It gives you a chance to reflect and observe. You may discover who or what you missed while your eyes were focused elsewhere. So take a little time to get away from the constant hustle bustle and reflect on what or who you’re working for today.





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