Tis the Season

by Carly on December 18, 2013, 2 comments

With Christmas just around the corner, we want to share with you our picks for Christmas gifts. We hope our picks will give you an idea of what others our age may want or if you have any last minute gift shopping, some ideas of what to get. I’m going to give you a list for the college student or young adult in your life. 

1. Money

      I realize this is the most uncreative present there is, but as a college student, money is always a welcome gift. However, there are ways to add a creative flare to this gift. One way is to make a money shirt. I received this from my Aunt and Uncle for an early Christmas present.

You could do some other form of origami with the money, too. There are also interesting money gifts, such as Money Soap or a Money Maze.

 2. Sweaters

    Walking around campus in the winter in cold, blustery weather is something you can’t avoid as a college student. So give the college student in your life something to keep them warm and dry. Sweaters can sometimes be dangerous territory, because there are a lot of tacky, weird ones out there. However, some stores have very cute, and affordable sweaters. Check out Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe to keep you warm and keep money in your pocket.

 3. Technology

     If you have some extra money to spend this season and a college student to buy for, check out some of the new technology that’s out. Laptops are a necessity these days so the Macbook Air or Macbook Pro are reliable options. The new Microsoft Surface is a tablet and laptop in one, which allows for a lot of flexibility and versatility for students. There are a lot of options for tablets, smart phones, laptops, and everything in between these days, so do some research and find what fits your giftees needs and your budget.

 4. Wall Décor

     College students always welcome something to decorate their dorm rooms with. Artwork and posters are great ways to give something creative and unique. Also, if your into DIYs and crafts, then this can be a cheap, but special gift to someone you care about. Pinterest has a lot of DIYs for wall art. If your not the crafty type then check out Etsy for some unique options.

 5. Food

     This is a present that can be really hard to mess up. Every college student needs food for the long nights of studying and the times they can’t get to the dining hall before it closes. Whether it’s just mac and cheese or trail mix, any contribution to the food stash is welcome. Try a goody basket with a variety of snacks and treats. Coffee makers or Keurigs are also great presents for your college student. Every college student needs a little caffeine at some point, so having something on hand is convenient.


These are my ideas of things that I would be happy to have as a college student. These gifts don’t have to be exclusively for students, though. These ideas can be applied to anyone. Putting thought into the gifts you give is the most important part anyway. Just remember, in this stressful season, that the most important gift was given to you over 2,000 years ago in the form of a baby.


Merry Christmas!   

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season

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