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Tis the Season

by Carly on December 18, 2013, 2 comments

With Christmas just around the corner, we want to share with you our picks for Christmas gifts. We hope our picks will give you an idea of what others our age may want or if you have any last minute gift shopping, some ideas of what to get. I’m going to give you a list […]

Our Mystery Build Project

by Amy on November 6, 2013, one comment

What do you get when you combine a box full of random art materials, three sisters, and some colorful Expressionist artistic inspiration? A pretty fantastic piece or sisterly collaboration, that’s what! Earlier this year Erin contact Carly and I with an fun idea. She had discovered the “Mystery Build Contest.” This is a contest created […]

Working Hard…Is it Hardly Working?

by Carly on October 9, 2013, no comments

Sometimes I just want to get away. Away from the noisy, hustle-bustle of the world. Away from the belief that the busier you are, the more fulfilled your life will be. As if packing your life with activities, projects, jobs, and teams is going to be a life not wasted. I want to get away […]

I’m Movin’ Out!

by Erin on September 9, 2013, 4 comments

Hello readers! (I’m going to pretend a lot of people are reading this, even though it’s probably just my mom). It’s time for me to tell you a little about my life. Have I ever mentioned that I’ve been living with my parents for 25 consecutive years? To be fair, it’s a pretty normal thing […]