About Erin

Hi, I’m Erin. I’m the middle sister. You can go ahead and draw some conclusions about my temperament based on your knowledge of middle child syndrome. I can’t deny that I’ve had my bouts from time to time. But really, I wouldn’t trade being in the middle for anything else. It’s kind of cool to be able to experience both extremes of the sibling spectrum. True to my station, I am also in a middle stage of life right now. I’ve finished my formal education, but I haven’t quite settled into independent adulthood yet. I’m a big dreamer and pretty much all of my career goals in life are in the artistic realm, which is nice for my soul, but not exactly good news for my bank account. Nevertheless, my plan in life is to create things: stories, art, music, etc. In the meantime I find enjoyment in being outside, watching good movies and tv, collecting neat looking retro furniture and decor, youtubing animal videos, making weird faces at people I love, singing in my car, and of course being creative with my sisters.

Amy Says:

While all three of us are artsy crafty types, Erin is most definitely “the artist” of the bunch. Much to her chagrin, when we were kids I would tell her that she was too sensitive. But now I think that her sensitivity is actually one of her greatest strengths. First of all, it’s the fuel for her creative muse. I’ve always been impressed about how she manages to create with practically any medium: writing, painting, sculpting, acting… She is able to tap into emotions and ways of expressing herself that are out of reach for me. Her sensitive nature also makes her the most honest of the three of us. I don’t think she knows how to water down her feelings, so in a family of conflict- averse, don’t offend anyone type people, she will just say what she’s really thinking. I think it’s good for the rest of us to hear the honest truth every now and then, even if it’s a little uncomfortable. After all, isn’t that the job of an artist? To make us see the things in life that need to be seen?

Carly Says:

Erin and I can have the best of times and the worst of times. Being five years apart, she and I have been able to get along, but we are also the most likely to have a tiff. She wears her feelings out on her sleeves, yet she can be fairly private about some things. She’s also pretty wacky. She brings out the silly side in me and we can be rather embarrassingly weird at times. She’s the most creative of the three of us. Growing up she would make up stories to trick me with and I was usually naïve enough to believe her. Today, she’s still making up stories through her art and writing and, this time, I’m smart enough to believe in them.