About Carly

Hello, I’m Carly. I’m the youngest, coolest sister, despite what my sisters may say.  I’m currently in college, majoring in design communications, which is a confusing way to say graphic design. I have no idea what I will do with my degree, but that seems to be the norm these days. I have many interests including art and writing. I also like going on adventures, reading, watching too much TV, cooking, gardening, animals, and traveling. Most importantly, though, I like spending time with my family. This is my first attempt at blogging. I’m not much of a social media maven, so this is a good way for me to dip my toes into the pool of web life. Doing this with my sisters makes this experience even better!

Amy Says:

Carly and I are separated by 8 years. She was still just a little kid when I went off to college, so I only saw her during her formative years in bits and pieces. She was always pretty strong willed as a kid and seemed to give our parents the most trouble during the toddler years. While Erin and I would melt at a stern tone of voice, Carly would laugh at a spanking. Pair that with the fact that since she’s the youngest and our parents just got tired of doing everything for their children, Carly has always seemed to have much more of an “I’ll just do it myself” kind of attitude than a lot of people her age. If she’s hungry, she makes herself a sandwich. If she’s bored, she’ll plant herself a garden.  She’s practical without being boring and depressing. She’s independent without stepping on other people’s toes. This probably means that she will be the most successful of the three of us. While I think up ideas, and Erin expresses herself, Carly will just go out and start doing stuff, and probably end up as someone’s boss.

Erin Says:

I never understood why my family loved picking on me until I was able to experience that special joy for myself when Carly came along. She has been the target of some of my most brilliant tricks and ploys. But the good thing about Carly is that she is resilient. When she is tricked, pestered, or criticized she’s good at brushing it off, and when she makes mistakes she bounces back and tries again. Carly has spunk, and I think she is just good at pushing forward to get what she wants out of life. It’s a quality that, as a token middle child, makes me both jealous and proud of my little sis. I also admire the fact that she’s so well rounded. She enjoys reading and has a good imagination, but she also loves getting out in the world and exploring. She’s not too emotional and not too practical. She’s very interested in history, but is also in tune with today’s culture. Out of the three of us, Carly is simply the most balanced. I guess that’s how she’s making her transition into adulthood look so graceful and easy.