About Amy

Hi. I’m Amy. I’m the big sister, despite being shorter than both my little sisters. As the first born I’ve also been the first to go through many of life’s milestones. I’m married to a web designer and I’m mom to the best little boy (who loves his aunts!). I’ve been in the “real world” for a while now, what with a job, and a house, and a family to feed and care for. I heard somewhere that most bloggers are introverted oldest children. I think it has something to do with the innate desire to give advice and wisdom and direction to those a few steps behind. Some little sisters might view this as being “bossy.” But it comes from a caring place. Really, it does. I enjoy crafts, and cookies, being outside. And I enjoy all those things even more with my sisters.

Erin Says:

I have often wondered if Amy was simply born responsible and good, or if she chose to be that way because she knew she had little sisters looking up to her. Either way, Amy has definitely been a big influence on my life. When I was a sweet little girl, she was my example. When I was a moody preteen, she was my foil. And when I grew up and got smarter, she became my friend. Amy and I are very different from each other, and I think the main reason for that is the way we obtain satisfaction. My big dreams keep me largely unsatisfied, but Amy is good at appreciating and enjoying the little things in life and this makes her much more content. She’s a happy homemaker. Sometimes I think of Amy as a little squirrel gathering nuts for her nest. But instead of nuts she is gathering pretty things to decorate her home, project ideas to make good use of her time, and knowledge to furnish her brain. When you pair her homemaking instincts with her inclination towards being responsible it is easy to see how she so naturally fits into her most recent roles as wife and mother.

Carly Says:

Amy is my oldest sister.  I haven’t lived with her for over 10 years, but it hasn’t really seemed that way. She’s been to college and then after getting married lived in a couple different places. At each place, it’s seemed to be a home away from home for me, but that’s how it is with Amy. She’s caring and has always had a nurturing attitude. She’s also full of ideas and always trying out new things. It’s fun to find out what new method of organizing she’s doing or what kind of product she’s trying out. Out of the three of us, she definitely knows what she likes and what she wants in her life the most. Some of that comes with age, but most of it is just the self-awareness Amy possesses.