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Self-Care: Let’s Get Physical!

by Carly on March 7, 2021, no comments

In this episode we talk about the pillars of self-care and specifically talk about physical self-care. We delve into how we exercise, what we eat, and even what deodorant we wear. We encourage you to listen to this episode while you take a walk, eat an apple, or read the back of a shampoo bottle […]

Self Care: What is it?

by Carly on January 27, 2021, no comments

In this episode we start a new three part series about self-care. We talk about our perceptions of self-care, how good we are at practicing it and some of the history of this buzz word. Let us know how you practice self-care in your life! Show Notes: WHO definition of self-care Audre Lorde New York […]

Creativity: Inspiration

by Carly on January 16, 2021, no comments

This is the final episode in our creativity series. We talk about how to get past creative blocks/fears and how to incorporate creativity into your life. Let us know what projects you’re working on and tag us on instagram so we can see! Shownotes: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert Steal Like an Artist by Austin […]

Creativity: Fears

by Carly on October 28, 2020, no comments

In this episode we explore the dark side of creativity…fears. We discuss fears we’ve overcome and fears we still deal with when living a creative life. Join us if you dare! Show Notes: Kuss Collective Instagram Big Magic

We’re Back!

by Carly on September 30, 2020, no comments

We are back after a 2 year hiatus! I hope you missed us. 2020 has been a wild ride, but it hasn’t stopped us from dreaming up all sorts of things. We are sharing those dreams mainly on our new instagram @kusscollective, but also here on the My Sister Says podcast. We are starting a […]

Podcast Ep. 6: 100 Day Project

by Carly on August 4, 2018, no comments

In this podcast we discuss the 100 day project that we all attempted and but only some completed! We discuss what we like about the project, what the challenges were, and how we might use it to further our other creative pursuits. We also hear a bit about Erin’s world travels and how she incorporated […]

Podcast Ep. 5: Different Internets

by Carly on April 15, 2018, no comments

On this episode we discuss the idea of different internets. Do we see the same things online? Do we get the same news? Are we all just living in our own internet bubbles? Join us as we explore this topic and challenge ourselves to find a way to unplug. What We’re Into Carly: Victoria – […]

Podcast Ep. 4: 2017 Recap

by Carly on December 29, 2017, no comments

This is our first and last podcast of 2017. We’ll catch you up on what’s changed in our lives and what we’ve been into during 2017. Also, we’ll share our quiz results for what our resolutions should be for 2018. What We’re Into Carly: Apple Music, Library ebooks (Kindle app), The Daily podcast, knitting squares […]

Podcast Ep. 3: Making and Breaking Habits

by Carly on October 8, 2017, no comments

In this episode we discuss our habits, good and bad. Also, we explore how to instill new habits into our lives. Take a listen and maybe even notes, as we delve into how personality affects habit making and what habits legendary creatives, such as Maya Angelou, had in their everyday lives. Show Notes: What We’re […]

Podcast Ep. 2: We Take Personality Tests

by Carly on September 23, 2017, no comments

If you felt like you didn’t get to know enough about us in our first episode, then take the deep dive into our personalities. Find out how we’re different, how we’re similar and how feel about all of that. Also, we get sorted into our Hogwarts¬†houses! This is a long one, so strap in. We […]