Podcast Ep. 2: We Take Personality Tests

by Carly on September 23, 2017, no comments

If you felt like you didn’t get to know enough about us in our first episode, then take the deep dive into our personalities. Find out how we’re different, how we’re similar and how feel about all of that. Also, we get sorted into our Hogwarts houses! This is a long one, so strap in. We do get more tired and less coherent as the show goes on, so bear with us. All the tests we took are linked below in our show notes.

Show Notes

What We’re Into:

Carly: The Popcast

Erin: Overnight oats – Find some recipes on Pinterest

Amy: Wholly Guacamole

Personality Tests:

Myers Briggs

16 Personalities

Human Metrics

Strengths Finder

Get sorted into your Hogwarts House

Show Quiz:

We Know Who You Are in Your Friend Group Based on Your Dessert Choices